The canon of the municipality of Cuijk aims at giving an interactive overview of the history of Cuijk and its neighbouring villages. By publishing the canon as a website the municipality encourages supplementing and, where needed, correcting the information provided in the canon.

The first edition was offered as a gift to Leo Schoots on January 27, 2010 who stepped down as mayor of Cuijk. Since January 1, 2012 the further development of the project has been in the hands of the Foto Archief Dienst. Work by Leo de Klein (†20xx) played a crucial role in its early development.


The editorial board of  the FAD responsible for the canon includes:

* Ger Graat

* Jos Janssen

* Henny Kerkhoff

* Leo Schoots

* Louk Hombergen

* Hans Peters


This group has been reinforced by interns from the nearby Radboud University Nijmegen.  So far Laila Smits, Marjolein Verstraten, Anika Broers and Wietse Bakker have done research, developed texts and set up educational programs for the website under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Theo Engelen and Prof. Dr. Dolly Verhoeven.

The editorial board can request assistance of an information group, consisting of experts and interested citizens, who can provide suggestions and pitch in ideas for further development of the canon.. Of course, the editorial board wants to encourage readers to participate in this project. They can write down their ideas on the website, through email or in writing.

Foto Archief Dienst

Kerkstraat 14,

5431 DS Cuijk,

Email: info@fotoarchiefdienst.nl

Telephone: +31485 318 093

This way Cuijk and the FAD hope to create a dynamic and interesting window into history. By, for and of the citizens of the municipality and anyone who is interested.